Human Rights Education project is a non-profit organization that encourages grassroots non-governmental organizations to participate in the movement for educating the public about human rights. Organizations do this simply and without cost by adopting a human rights quotation and adding it to their website, letterhead, and brochures. The website contains all necessary information; specialists are available online to assist you.
Human Rights Education in One Line
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How Can My Organization Participate?

Grassroots NGOs sign on to the Project by adopting a particular human right that relates to their work. They then print that human right on their literature and their website. It is as simple and direct as that.

If the organization would like to consult about the range of human rights that relate to their specific mandate, voluntary pro bono human rights educators are available to consult with organizations on line. See the contact section for more information.

Human rights treaties are available on the Internet at the United Nations Treaty Collection. See the resources section for more information.

How It Happens

The idea is simple, easy to initiate, and requires very little effort.

Each organization decides which human right their organization will adopt. The adopted quotation is added to the organization's literature at the next convenient time of printing. The organization prints that human rights quotation on its letterhead, fund-raising mailers, brochures, posters, tee-shirts, on its website, and in other logical locations, just as it automatically prints its address and phone number.

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In that way, as organizations communicate and disseminate their organizational message, or every time they send out a letter or an email, they are at the same time automatically educating about human rights.

For example, Project Human Rights Education prints the following quotation at the bottom of its letters:

"Everyone has the right to education." Article 26(1), Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 10 December 1948.

Are There Charges or Costs?

There are no charges or costs. Project Human Rights Education is a non-profit educational project of The Fund for Peace, a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. The mission of The Fund for Peace is to prevent war and alleviate the conditions that cause war. The mission of Project Human Rights Education is to work with other organizations, and together with them, to jointly help people learn about human rights.


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Project Human Rights Education is a project of The Fund for Peace, a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. The Fund for Peace works to prevent war and alleviate the conditions that cause war.