Human Rights Education project is a non-profit organization that encourages grassroots non-governmental organizations to participate in the movement for educating the public about human rights. Organizations do this simply and without cost by adopting a human rights quotation and adding it to their website, letterhead, and brochures. The website contains all necessary information; specialists are available online to assist you.
Human Rights Education in One Line
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Contact details

Contact Details

The Project's Human Rights Educators

When the time comes to obtain a recommendation for adopting a human rights quotation, the NGO contacts one of the Project's human rights educators directly.

The Project's human rights educator will talk with your organization, usually via e-mail. Your organization will be asked to give the human rights educator an understanding of the organization's goal and membership. On that basis, the educator will be able to suggest which human rights quotation seems well-suited to your organization.

After deciding which human rights quotation it will adopt, the organization then proceeds to print the quotation on its letterhead, fund-raising mailers, brochures, posters, tee-shirts, on its website, and in other logical locations. In that way, as the organization distributes its organizational messages, it is at the same time educating about human rights. This basic form of education happens every time the organization sends out a letter -- or an email - or hands out its brochure - or sells a tee-shirt, with a human right quotation printed on it.

It's as simple at that. There are no costs.

Kitwe, Zambia

If your organization would like to learn more about participating in the Project, please contact one of the human rights educators:

Rita Maran

Associate, The Fund for Peace; Amnesty International USA Human Rights Educators Network; Lecturer, University of California at Berkeley.

Nancy Flowers

An independent human rights consultant to UN agencies, governments, and NGOs.

Felisa Tibbitts

Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) is an international non-governmental organisation that supports human rights learning; the training of activists and professionals; the development of educational materials and programming; and community-building through on-line technologies.

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Project Human Rights Education is a project of The Fund for Peace, a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. The Fund for Peace works to prevent war and alleviate the conditions that cause war.