Human Rights Education project is a non-profit organization that encourages grassroots non-governmental organizations to participate in the movement for educating the public about human rights. Organizations do this simply and without cost by adopting a human rights quotation and adding it to their website, letterhead, and brochures. The website contains all necessary information; specialists are available online to assist you.
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Human rights education is increasingly recognized as an essential component in the promotion and protection of human rights worldwide. Project Human Rights Education enables grassroots organizations to print one basic human rights quotation on printed materials they send out to their constituencies, on their websites, and in other locations. Instead of relying on governments and educational institutions to educate people about their rights, this Project facilitates civil society's use of already existing communication resources to spread information about human rights.

Who educates about human rights?

Governments everywhere are committed to educating people about human rights. Schools have committed to educating students about human rights. That formal education process is moving very slowly. Now, to give human rights education a fresh boost, Project Human Rights Education, speaking directly as a non-governmental organization to all kinds of other non-profit organizations, engages with them in a collaboration for wider human rights education at the grassroots level.

Many different kinds of organizations in civil society are in a natural position to carry a human rights message while at the same time delivering their own organizational message.


Implementation of Project Human Rights Education is simple and straightforward. Organizations select a relevant human rights quotation that is relevant to their mission, and include it in their printed material. As the NGO prepares its new literature, upgrades its website, sends out fund-raisers, and distributes its brochures with this human rights quotation, it becomes a deliberate force for human rights protection and promotion.

Every organization decides for itself which quotation best suits its goals. Organizations taking part in this pro bono Project that would like to consult about which quotation, out of a range of human rights quotations, are encouraged to call upon the Project's human rights educators to help in selecting their particular quotation.

Every organization chooses a relevant quotation from among the international human rights treaties in force. When they disseminate this information, they are fulfilling the call made by virtually all governments and by the United Nations to encourage and spread human rights education.


Implementation of Project Human Rights Education is straightforward. Organizations select quotations from human rights documents that are relevant to their mission and include them in their printed material (e.g. letterhead, pamphlets, fundraising material, t-shirts, websites, etc.). If they have any questions about deciding on the most appropriate quotation, organizations can draw on the knowledge of professional Human Rights Educators in selecting the quotation. With the publication of these quoted human rights, organizations bring themselves into closer association with the international network of human rights organizations and, most importantly, educate and inspire the communities they serve with knowledge of their rights under law.

Why does the Project work through collaboration with other organizations?

Grassroots organizations have risen to a place of prominence worldwide in local, regional, national and international affairs. They are recognized as the voice of entire populations of people whose interests would otherwise go unspoken. The relationships these organizations have built with their local populations make them ideal vehicles for human rights education.

The Project's fundamental purpose is to facilitate grassroots organizations, some of which may be human rights organizations but many not, into a position where they can easily educate their constituencies about their rights.

A Final Word:

  • There are vast numbers of grassroots organizations in every part of the world, starting with your own locale

  • Grassroots organizations are in an excellent position to communicate human rights information to their members and the general public

  • Grassroots organizations are closely in touch with their members, moreso perhaps than are many schools, governments, and other institutions

  • Members tend to pay close attention to their organizations' messages

  • Grassroots organizations enhance their standing when they become part of a global surge towards human rights

  • And Finally: It is time for grassroots organizations to expand their potential for mainstreaming human rights in everyday life at the grassroots.


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Project Human Rights Education is a project of The Fund for Peace, a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. The Fund for Peace works to prevent war and alleviate the conditions that cause war.